The Attributes of Happy & Successful Employees

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2018

Original Publication, Best Ever You.

As an employee, we don’t always feel in control of our work environment. Whatever your current job, you are still in the driver’s seat of your life, and employees who are willing to embrace being the leader of their own lives are happier, more successful and become a potent influence on the world around them.

Here are six key attributes of happy and successful employees that you can add to your life right away:

1. They know they are the source

Happy and successful employees know they are the ones who can change anything in their lives. They do not wait for other people to change it for them. They are willing to look at all situations in their lives and ask:

  • Is this working or not working for me?

  • If it’s not working, what can I be or do different to change it?

  • If it is working, how can it get even better?

  • What contribution can I be or receive here that would assist me?

  • What else can I choose that I didn’t...

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Ease, Joy and Innovation

business thriveglobal Jun 15, 2018
How Asking Good Quality Questions Can Create More of this in Your Business
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What can joy contribute to the ROI?

The happiest of countries report that nearly a third of their employees have low levels of job satisfaction and employee engagement (some even saying it’s actually closer to two-thirds), the question of creating ease, joy and happiness in business is still relevant.

There is a very real connection between happy workforces and organizational innovation and success, so it makes sense that creating ease and joy in business goes hand in hand with pursuing an open, creative mindset and business environment for all.

Simple, high-quality questions can encourage creative ways of thinking across the business. Used consistently, these questions can dynamically change the ease, joy and innovation quotient in all levels of an organization:

What am I grateful for today?

Nothing creates a stagnant business faster than fixating on...

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How to Create Your Best New Yearโ€™s Resolutions Yet

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2017

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New Year’s resolutions are often discarded by the end of January because we are not willing to create them from a different point of view. What if your resolutions for 2018 were a playful way to engage yourself to stop hiding from what you truly desire and create more joy and possibilities? Here are five keys to flipping New Year’s resolutions on their head so that you create the right ones for you.

Create fun resolutions. A common mistake when creating resolutions is recycling failed ones from previous years. This undermines your mindset from the start because your focus is on fixing old failures. Where is the fun in that?  Another risk of recycling old resolutions is they may not be relevant to the person you are now. Rather than creating resolutions based on the past, what if you flip it totally and choose resolutions based on present-day you and the joy you would like to create now? To create a worthy...

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Stop the Fear of Failure from Holding You Back

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2017

Fear of failure is rampant in our society and it’s holding us back from actualizing all that is truly available to us today.

Maybe it stems from our schooling, where we were only rewarded for getting it right. And, quite possibly, depending on the people in your childhood, you were ridiculed or punished in some way for getting things wrong. If your strategy in school was to only answer when you knew you were right, or simply never volunteer any information, ever, you may have set yourself up for never progressing forward in your adult life – for fear of failure.

How does the fear of failure hold you back? First it stops you from being yourself. When you are fearful, you are hyper aware of everything you say and do, as well as other people’s reactions to you. This results in a very ‘staged’ or ‘stiff’ interaction, and it draws negative attention to you. People will more likely question you and your motives because, instinctively, they know...

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How To Make The Right Choice

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2017

Does making a choice make you uncomfortable or nervous? Are you scared to make the right choice? Do you think that there is only one right choice and if you make the wrong choice, something terrible, horrible, or awful will happen?

This occurs when you make your choice significant. Significance is constrictive and stops the natural flow of ideas and creation. Ultimately making it difficult to create the life you truly desire.

If I was making every choice that significant, as if my whole life was at stake and everything was dependent on that one single choice, I would be like a dear in the headlights and not be able to choose anything; totally paralyzed. But that is actually what a lot of people do. They focus on a potential outcome that they have constructed in their head, which is not even real, and yet is absolutely and utterly awful!

Fortunately, the truth is much kinder; there is no such thing as the ‘right’ choice. In fact, there is no right or wrong, or good or...

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Will you be my Valentine?

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2017
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Can Questions Heal?

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2017

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A friend of mine recently fell down on a patch of ice and broke her wrist. She was very grateful for the tips I gave her to expedite her recovery. It got me thinking. When people hurt themselves, they don’t necessarily have this information about what they can do to assist with their own healing. And most of it is so simple, yet highly effective.

The body is an amazing, self-healing organism with its own consciousness. You’d be amazed at the level of awareness your body has. It’s typically aware of so much more than you are. I was first introduced to this concept in the late 80’s when I was working in a hospital in California. More than 30 years later I have a completely different level of connection and communion with my body that I also get the great pleasure to share and teach to others.

Whenever I hurt myself, or I am in pain, I pay attention to my body and ask questions. Instead of immediately thinking it was some random...

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How to Set the Tone of Your Morning to Create an Amazing Day

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2017

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What if your day could be more productive and enjoyable than you ever thought?

Most of us have a pretty full day scheduled from the minute we get out of the bed. It can start with taking care of the kids, parents, animals; and all before we step into the office. So what can you do to get the day started right and have a productive day ahead?

I have found that if I add a few extra minutes focused on me before getting out of bed, then the rest of my day goes so much better.

For me, every day is an opportunity to start a clean slate that I can fill with new adventures. No matter what happened the day before, I can be grateful for yesterday; all that I learned and created. And, I know that I can start a brand-new day today. This allows me to not get stuck in the past and really focus on the infinite options that are available for me to choose today.

There are certain questions that I like to ask to get my day started, not to receive...

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What Successful Parents Do Differently

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2016

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As parents, we put a lot of work into ‘getting it right’. We want our kids to have what they need to grow up to be happy, successful adults. We want to enjoy their childhood with them. We want to mentor them as they find their way in the world.

It’s not always easy to know how to do that. One way is to honor their awareness and trust what they know. What if your child already knew more than you realized, even as a baby? Acknowledging this allows you to include them and lets them choose. This lets you as a parent off the hook; you don’t have to get it all right and you are not responsible for the outcome of their lives. Successful parenting is about starting to trust; trusting your children and their knowing, trusting you as the parent and your knowing and trusting the relationship you have together. And, it also includes the willingness to let them fail and trusting that everything will be okay.

It’s about not...

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Create A Culture That Values Your Employees

“There are many ways to reward employees for a job well done, going beyond, or for a creative idea…my favorite example of building a culture that values employees is a short survey asking the team how they would like to be rewarded.”

When creating a business, there is a great deal of thought put into what the company will be and do, the types of clients it will serve, and ways it will be marketed. One of the major factors that most businesses unconsciously omit is the experience created for the employees. No matter what kind of company you are creating or already have established, the employees are key in its success – so build a culture that values employees.

In order to create a culture that values, rewards, and engages employees, you have to be willing to draw inspiration from and include all employees, regardless of hierarchical position, in conversations. Furthermore, you want to foster a creative and engaging work environment and one that rewards...

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