Creating a Collaborative Culture in Business

business conscious question Nov 06, 2022

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It is possible to create a thriving business culture where shared ideas, innovation, and creativity support an organization to succeed, expand and even defy expectations?

A business like this may seem a rare occurrence, but in truth, anyone can instigate a creative and collaborative culture by applying some simple tools – and being willing to become a conscious leader.

What is a conscious leader?

Consciousness includes all possibilities and rejects nothing. Consciousness allows us to take off the blinders and barriers we put in place with limited thinking and mindsets. A conscious leader is committed to seeing beyond any limitation or problem to what is truly possible – and they are willing to have anything, and anyone contribute to them along the way.

Here are 4 key elements you can put into play to consciously lead you, the business, staff and colleagues to create a business culture that is collaborative and expansive:

Let Go of Everything the Business Was Yesterday

Have you ever noticed that when things are new, the possibilities seem endless, every day is an adventure, and you are enthused, energized, and wide-eyed? Then over time, things get into a predictable groove. Boredom and even resentment can emerge as you wonder where the joy went – and is there a way to get it back?

What if you could turn back the clock and give the business (and you) and clean slate today – and every day?

“Letting go of everything the business was yesterday” is a simple way to let go of the build-up of predictability, judgment, limitations or problems you have projected onto the business, yourself, your colleagues, employees and clients, and allow for a totally fresh perspective unhindered by the past.

Every day, say to yourself, “I let go of everything the business was and what it meant to me yesterday.” Then, with a more open outlook, ask, “What are the infinite possibilities for the business today that I was not able to consider yesterday?”

When you create a clean slate every day, you re-engage your enthusiasm and wonder, and become more receptive to new ideas, inspirations and contribution to your business from all kinds of places.

Talk to the business

Are you willing for the voice of the business to be part of the collaboration? Everything has a consciousness, including the business. You can tap into the consciousness of the business by talking to it and asking it questions, such as:

  • Business, what do you desire to be in the world?
  • What do you require of me today?
  • Which people or areas of the business need my attention now?
  • What clientele do you desire to engage with that I haven’t considered yet?
  • What projects are for now, and which ones are for the future?

Asking the business questions gives you a broader, universal perspective and launching pad for further generative collaboration within the organization.

Talk to everyone in the business

Brainstorm with staff and colleagues from all areas of the business and engage with multiple perspectives.  Successfully collaborative cultures acknowledge the value of every person in the business and provide forums for ideas and knowledge to be shared.  Keep attention on creative energies with questions like:

  • What are your ideas? What are you aware of that is possible with the business?
  • If you were in my role, what questions would you ask and what would you do differently?
  • What information do you have and what do you know that others may not?
  • What could we add to the business to make __________ easier?
  • What ideas for increasing revenue / reach / clientele do you have?

You don’t have to implementing everything discussed, but the information and ideas you gain will contribute to what you create for now and in the future. Your staff will be supportive of initiatives where they were part of the creation.

Have Gratitude – and fun!

Creating a collaborative culture is not serious business – it should be fun! In fact, the more fun you have, the easier it is to come together to innovate and create.

Practice gratitude for you, your staff and the business daily – what is great about the business? What is working? Have you celebrated your successes? Getting stuck in problems or limitations only occurs when we judge that something is wrong, and we make it significant.

Are you willing to also acknowledge challenges and failures with gratitude? Do you ask questions like: what does this contribute and what is it making us aware of that we wouldn’t have otherwise become aware of?

The energy of your business culture starts with you – by the limitations and barriers you are willing challenge, and the possibilities, questions and contribution you are willing to engage with.

Are you willing to collaborate with all available elements in the business and create something greater than yesterday?

Creating a Collaborative Culture in BusinessAbout the Author: Laleh Hancock is a transformational facilitator and business coach with more than 25 years of experience building companies and individuals that win. Whether partnering with a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneurial stay home mum, Laleh is dedicated to empowering people and organizations of all ages and stages to grow and expand. Laleh is a certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness, including Joy of Business, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. She meets people where they are and provides practical tools to empower people to create more joy, ease and possibilities in life. Laleh served on the Governor’s Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council for four years. Follow on Twitter at @Belapemo.


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