Creating a Collaborative Culture in Business

business conscious question Nov 06, 2022

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It is possible to create a thriving business culture where shared ideas, innovation, and creativity support an organization to succeed, expand and even defy expectations?

A business like this may seem a rare occurrence, but in truth, anyone can instigate a creative and collaborative culture by applying some simple tools – and being willing to become a conscious leader.

What is a conscious leader?

Consciousness includes all possibilities and rejects nothing. Consciousness allows us to take off the blinders and barriers we put in place with limited thinking and mindsets. A conscious leader is committed to seeing beyond any limitation or problem to what is truly possible – and they are willing to have anything, and anyone contribute to them along the way.

Here are 4 key elements you can put into play to consciously lead you, the business, staff and colleagues to create a business culture that is collaborative and expansive:

Let Go of...

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Thriving With A Conscious Business

What does the term ‘conscious business’ mean to you?

As soon as the word ‘conscious’ is used, some people go straight to the conclusions they have made. If you have any assumptions or definitions about a ‘conscious business’, then that limits your capacity to actually have a thriving and constantly expanding business. Versus, if you remain in the unconscious or unaware space, you will limit the possibilities for your business to thrive, avoid the potential disasters, and not allow yourself to profit from your conscious business.

Whereas, in truth, a conscious business is about mindfulness. It is being aware of everything that is current, anything that needs improvement or changes, and requirements to grow and thrive. It is about including everybody in the company in the creation, decisions and ramifications of the business.

What consciousness is not about is depriving you and your business of profits. This is a really big point, because in...

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Everything Is Consciousness with Laleh Hancock

Listen to the Podcast here.

Today’s interview we hear about Laleh’s childhood story and she shares incredible insights and inspirational messages for women in business.

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The Importance of Resilience

When You’re a Woman in Business

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Resilience is part our biological and historical make-up as women. It’s well-documented that not only do we tend to live longer than our male counterparts, we are also the ones who, at times of war and upheaval, have kept commerce and communities going. 

So how does this resilience play out in the world of business, and why is it so important?

Resilient women are those with the ability to see the bigger picture, a vision for a greater future, and who are willing to take the actions required today to bring that future to fruition. In essence, resilient women are leaders for the future.

As a leader for the future, you recognize that your choice is the creative element for what happens now and in the future. To have more choices available, you must challenge the limits and thresholds you’ve consciously or unconsciously placed on yourself.

Bust your limits, build your resilience as a leader, and take your...

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Ease, Joy and Innovation

business thriveglobal Jun 15, 2018
How Asking Good Quality Questions Can Create More of this in Your Business
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What can joy contribute to the ROI?

The happiest of countries report that nearly a third of their employees have low levels of job satisfaction and employee engagement (some even saying it’s actually closer to two-thirds), the question of creating ease, joy and happiness in business is still relevant.

There is a very real connection between happy workforces and organizational innovation and success, so it makes sense that creating ease and joy in business goes hand in hand with pursuing an open, creative mindset and business environment for all.

Simple, high-quality questions can encourage creative ways of thinking across the business. Used consistently, these questions can dynamically change the ease, joy and innovation quotient in all levels of an organization:

What am I grateful for today?

Nothing creates a stagnant business faster than fixating on...

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Create A Culture That Values Your Employees

“There are many ways to reward employees for a job well done, going beyond, or for a creative idea…my favorite example of building a culture that values employees is a short survey asking the team how they would like to be rewarded.”

When creating a business, there is a great deal of thought put into what the company will be and do, the types of clients it will serve, and ways it will be marketed. One of the major factors that most businesses unconsciously omit is the experience created for the employees. No matter what kind of company you are creating or already have established, the employees are key in its success – so build a culture that values employees.

In order to create a culture that values, rewards, and engages employees, you have to be willing to draw inspiration from and include all employees, regardless of hierarchical position, in conversations. Furthermore, you want to foster a creative and engaging work environment and one that rewards...

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