Thriving With A Conscious Business

What does the term ‘conscious business’ mean to you?

As soon as the word ‘conscious’ is used, some people go straight to the conclusions they have made. If you have any assumptions or definitions about a ‘conscious business’, then that limits your capacity to actually have a thriving and constantly expanding business. Versus, if you remain in the unconscious or unaware space, you will limit the possibilities for your business to thrive, avoid the potential disasters, and not allow yourself to profit from your conscious business.

Whereas, in truth, a conscious business is about mindfulness. It is being aware of everything that is current, anything that needs improvement or changes, and requirements to grow and thrive. It is about including everybody in the company in the creation, decisions and ramifications of the business.

What consciousness is not about is depriving you and your business of profits. This is a really big point, because in...

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Connect with Your Body, Expand Your Choicesā€”with Laleh Hancock

awareness podbean wellness Nov 14, 2020

Listen to the Podcast here.

We’ve been conditioned to live from the neck up, relying on our minds alone and making limited choices based on the ‘right way’ of doing things that we’ve been taught. But how might our possibilities expand if we reconnected with our bodies?

Laleh Hancock is the Leadership Coach behind Global Wellness for All, a platform designed to help people create wellness in their health, relationships, career and finances. She is also the Founder and CEO of global professional services company Belapemo. Laleh has 30 years of experience in business consulting, operational excellence and change management, inspiring thousands of Fortune 500 executives, government and nonprofit leaders, athletes and veterans. Today, she is on a mission to support the leadership capabilities of women in business, at home and in the wider community.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Laleh joins Anjel to explain how fleeing Iran at the age of seven inspired...

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