5 Surprising (And Subtle) Ways To Shift Focus And Get Your Voice Heard

choice Feb 25, 2020

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Being seen and heard in the world can be a scary prospect: what if people judge you, reject you, try to cut you down, stop you, misunderstand or misrepresent you?

It’s time to change that narrative, because yours is the voice that is needed right now. When you hold back and are not willing to be heard, share your ideas or even follow your “inner voice,” you not only harm your business and life, but you rob the world of the unique gifts that only you can contribute.

Your voice has value, and it’s easier than you think to start choosing to share it.

Here are 5 surprisingly subtle, yet powerful ways, you can claim your voice that you may not have considered:

1. Listen

Most people are only willing to hear what aligns with their own perspectives and won’t see what’s possible beyond that. True listening is being willing to receive from and engage with others with zero barriers, zero agenda and no...

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