Tools To Easily Create More Money

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2022

What amount of money do you consider to be wealthy?  What amount will let you no longer worry about money?  The amount is different for everybody.  What amount do you need to feel wealthy?

The following tools will assist you to come out of whatever it is that has bought about lack of money, and get you into a different frequency where you can create and generate money in your lives.

Tool #1.  Increase your fun to increase your money.  When you were joyous in your life, did you ever worry about money?  No matter who I ask, the answer has always been no.  Money follows joy.  Think of where your energy is when you are worried about money.  Now think of where your energy is when you are joyous.  If money is joyous, it travels at a particular frequency, like the frequency of a radio channel, and lack is operating on a different frequency, or channel.  So, if you’re functioning from the frequency of lack, you will never be able to create money; just like you can’t listen to two radio channels on different frequencies at the same time.

When you increase your fun and joy, the frequency of you changes.  As a result, what you are asking for actually has more of a greater possibility to come to you.  So ask every day, “What can I create today that will be fun for me?” Or “How much fun can I have today with whatever it is that I am going to be doing?” to increase your level of joy in your life.  Do whatever it is that lifts your energy to that place where you can actually receive.  Listen to the songs you love.  Walk amongst beauty.  Whatever it is for you.  And, if you desire more money, ask the universe for it when your frequency is at that peak of joy.

Tool #2. Have no expectation of how the money is going to show up.  When you have no expectation, you allow the infinite possibilities.  So, if you have no expectation of how money is going to show up in your life, you allow infinite possibilities for it to come in.  This means that when you ask for what you desire, eg $250 in cash, don’t state how it should be delivered, such as through extra work, etc., and be open to all possibilities; even things you haven’t even considered before.  Maybe you’ll get a gift, or a settlement, or a refund, etc.

Tool #3.  Be open to receiving.  The universe is infinitely abundant.  When you don’t get what you are asking for, you are not receiving it.  Ask, “What am I not willing to receive here?” and see what comes to your awareness.  When you are willing to put yourself first, so much more shows up in your life, because you are ready to receive you!  And you are ready to receive from the universe.  Would you be willing to toss out the door all the places you are not willing to receive?  What would your life, and money, look like?

Tool #4.  Gratitude.  Be grateful for every single penny that comes in.  If you are not grateful for everything that comes into your life, how can more come in?  It’s simple, really.  When you are grateful, more shows up.

Tool #5.  Destroy and uncreate all your definitions of money.  When we are born, we don’t have any point of view about money.  By age 2, we’ve picked up points of view from our parents and other people close to us, and even TV.  If you no longer had the definitions of money, what else would be available to choose?  Who or what could you add to your life, or business, to create and actually bring to life what it is you would like to add to your life?  So ask, “What is my definition of money?” and destroy and uncreate everything that comes up, to allow you to be open to all possibilities.  The first time I asked this question, I realized that the definitions I had of money weren’t really my definition of money, but what I had learned in school or what it meant to my parents.  How much of your points of view about money are even yours?  Do you want to continue functioning from those limited points of view?

Our judgments are one of our biggest roadblocks.  We build up all these walls, which also stop us.  Ask, “If I didn’t have a point of view about money?  What else could show up?” and destroy and uncreate all your decisions, judgments, conclusions about money.  When you take away all your points of view about money, money can actually show up in your life because your barriers are down and you can actually receive.  So, what judgments do you have about money?  Toss them out the door.  What’s your point of view about money?  Toss that out the door.  And how much you don’t have, toss that out the door.  Toss all your beliefs about money out the door; all your definitions, all the ways you speculated about how the money is going to come, all the ways you limited how money is going to come into your life, all the decisions, judgments, conclusions, computations that you made.  Then ask, “What else is possible that I haven’t even considered?”; you will come up with all these different ways you can create your life and add to your life.  If you no longer had the definitions of money, what else would be available to choose?  Who or what could you add to your life, or business, to create and actually bring to life what it is you would like to add to your life?

Tool #6.  Money is not the source of creation; you are.  Think about animals.  Do they even care about money?  No.  If you did not make money significant, or vital, and remember that you are the source of creation behind the money, what would that add to your life?  Money is not the source.  It is an energy, but you are the source of the creation.  So, it’s about you and it’s about honoring you.  You are valuable.  You can be grateful for you.  You can honor you.

Tool #7. Acknowledge all the money that you have already created in your life.  There are so many things in this world that we label as magic or coincidences.  What if they are not coincidences but you created them?  What if it’s the magic of you: when you ask for something, you are actually opening the possibilities that are in the world and the quantum entanglements to allow them to bring it together for you.  So acknowledge all the places where you have been asking for money to show up in your life and it has shown up, because when you acknowledge the magic of you, more shows up.  And, ask, “How does it get even better?”

Tool #8.  Start a 10% Account to honor you.  The first thing you do with the money that you receive, is what you honor the most.  If you are willing to make you vital and significant, make you the priority, and put the first 10% of everything you earn into a special account to honour you, you will have so much more that shows up in your life, including money.  And when you get to a certain amount of money in your 10% account, which is different for everyone, your energy around having money shifts.  When you no longer have the ‘lack’ and you no longer fear the money, it’s magical all the ways money shows up in your life.

Tool #9.  Become aware of your finances.  Usually when you are not bringing in enough money, you are not asking the universe for enough, because you are not aware of what is.  Find out how much you need for your life, ask the universe for it and then find out what you can be or do different to make it happen today.  Every day is a new you and can look totally different.  So, find out how much all your expenses are.  Find out how much money you are bringing in and then you’ve got to find out what else you can add to your life, like taking classes, coloring your hair, etc; what would it take to really experience life?  Whatever that amount is, that’s what you ask the universe for.  “What can I be or do different today to create that money into my life?”  It’s not about the money, it’s about what you will be creating to yield the money.

Tool #10.  Ask and you shall receive.  You have to ask for what you desire.  Talk to the universe.  Every molecule has consciousness and every molecule can be a contribution.  Have the universe contribute to your life.  When we allow every molecule of the universe to contribute to us, that is magical; it actually is our true Being-ness.  And when you receive, ask for more.  And ask from that place of curiosity of adding to your life; from the fun and curiosity of it, not the lack, the desperation and neediness of it.  Ask, “What would I like to add to my life, living and business?”, and truly wonder what it would be like to already have that; “What would it be like if I had … (a new car/more staff/etc.)”.

Tool #11. I don’t want money.  The word ‘want’ in old English, actually means to lack.  Trick your brain by stating the following 10 times “I don’t want money”.  Do you feel lighter?  If you don’t lack money, how much more can you receive?  You can choose whatever you desire to choose when you no longer ‘lack’ it.

Tool #12.  Increase your revenue streams.  What do you love to do that can make you money?  All of us have talents and abilities that make us unique.  What if you could use the capacities you have today to share that to the world and still be able to make more money than you every thought was possible?  What would happen in your life, what could you create, if you chose that today?  Write a list of everything you love to do and then ask, “Can this make me money?” and take action on everything that feels light.

Tool #13.  Be willing to do whatever it takes, no matter what.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, really.  Don’t let anything stop you; not even you.

It’s not about the money, it’s about making you significant.  When you are happy, when you are joyous, when you are truly willing to have that excitement in your body, what you are doing is, you are creating; you bring the frequency of the body up and you contribute to everybody around you and the Earth.


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