Including Your Body In Your Living

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2022

Guest blog by Kerry Garner Venter

Including your body in your living
How to have more ease and communion with your body.

Are you including your body in your living?  For many years I wasn’t. Even though at the age of 16 I was certified in Reiki and then shortly after that multiple alternative healing modalities and methodologies, I valued anything that involved my mind and cognition and mental state over my body.

I never realized how vital my body was in the equation. As a result, it was constantly trying to get my attention through various dis-eases.

But no matter how loud it shouted at me, I didn’t listen. I was too busy trying to figure out the answers with my mind and/or listen to those who thought they knew/had the answers about me and my body.

Then when I started using the tools of Access Consciousness® – which empowered me to tap into my own knowing and that of my body, instead of providing me with answers – a whole new way of Being in the world and with my body started showing up.

And yet in the first few years of me using tools, I honestly believed that the verbal processing and clearing was sufficient and I used to think I wasn’t “interested” in the body classes. Little did I know that my body was actually VERY interested in them and that it had nothing to do with what I “thought”.

I realized that if I desired to create a greater life and living, I would need to choose to include my body and it’s awareness in the equation.

If you just stop for a moment and consider how much we put our bodies through – every single day – from the judgments to the orders we give it about what we like, don’t like, what it should do, shouldn’t do, ought to do, isn’t doing, etc.

Our bodies are bombarded with our own judgments and orders as well as those from others who think they know better than we do about what’s true for it.

But what if we actually stopped to ASK it what it required, desired, and then listened to it?!
It can sound crazy – especially if you’ve bought the lie that this reality perpetuates through the media and other avenues – that you are not the expert of your body, and that you constantly need to seek perfection and optimal health through the most hypocritical, contradictory ways and means.

If you actually consider how many different and contradictory points of view there are about what’s “right” for us – you might start to see how insane it actually all is and that none of it encourages you to ask and know what’s true for you.

When I started realizing that my body had it’s own awareness and that it actually was something I could be in communion with, rather than at war with, it created such an ease in my world that I never knew could exist.

Choosing an Access Body Class was something that took me a long time to do. Even the Access Bars® was something. I didn’t really feel like I “needed” but because it was a prerequisite class for more of what I desired, I went along with it.

I wasn’t willing to receive then. And that’s what the Access Bars® and the Access Body Processes enable you to do – receive – which is not something that is encouraged or taught in this reality.

In fact, we’re taught the total opposite. We’re taught to put up walls, barriers, create boundaries, and block out negative energy. What does that actually create?

Have you ever really considered what living your life with walls up is like? Can you actually receive ALL energies that are available to you…or only those you’ve decided are right, good, perfect, appropriate and correct?

Have you considered how that would influence your money flows? When you put a barrier up, how does energy know that you are only allowing certain parts of it through?

It just knows that there’s a block there and so it doesn’t flow in. Who or what are you not receiving from that you could be receiving from, if you didn’t have any barriers up?

When I finally became aware of how much of a contribution the Access Bars® were and bringing my body along for the journey, I realized just how much of a contribution it could be to me creating my life and living the way I truly desired and how many capacities I had that I hadn’t tapped into.

There are literally hundreds of Access Body Processes. And running them on the body is just as vital as the verbal clearings and processes. The change and ease and speed of creation becomes even more dynamic.

What if you knew there was a way to eliminate all the ways you consciously or unconsciously mimic other people’s pathways, pains, points of view, and realities in order to locate and be you?
What if you knew that there was a way to easily dissipate all of the patterns of dis-harmony that exist in your body?

What if you knew that your body was like your very own GPS system that could guide you to exactly what you’d actually like to have in your life?

What would it be like to actually bring your body along on your journey and be in communion with it rather than be in judgment of it?

How much more ease would that create in your life?

Would you be willing to receive that?

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About Kerry Garner Venter

Kerry Garner Venter is a certified Access Consciousness and Joy of Business facilitator.

“I break all the rules in marketing when it comes to honing in on target audiences. I’ve worked with companies and their employees, leaders and their teams, entrepreneurs and their dreams, couples and their relationships, healers and their practice, parents and their kids, empaths and their capacities – as long as they are willing to ask and choose, it’s game on!” Kerry

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