Grant Yourself Gratitude

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2022
Guest Blog by Gary Douglas:

Gratitude is the space in which you know that you are one with all and all are one with you, and you are grateful for it.

You each have a choice, you can do gratitude, or you can be it.

Doing it is the pretense where you have chosen to diminish yourself. Whenever you are invalidating yourselves, you are choosing unconsciousness because it is your personal recognition of how you diminish yourself.

You as a being know everything.

Each person has the possibility at any moment to acknowledge their knowing and to move with that knowing in awareness. And in that they grant themselves kindness and they grant themselves gratitude. If you will admit to knowing, if you will be that knowing, you will take up the limitations and create a heaven on earth for yourself, and with it comes heaven on earth for everybody else.

What if the greatest and the most wondrous gift you have in life is to be you?

What are you grateful for?

About the Author:

Gary Douglas pioneered a set of transformational life changing tools and processes known as Access Consciousness® over 30 years ago. These tools that are on the creative edge of consciousness have transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world. His work has spread to more than 170 countries, with over 3,000 trained facilitators worldwide. Simple and so effective, the tools facilitate people of all ages and backgrounds to help remove limitations holding them back from the freedom to live and create a life they truly desire.  He is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and business pioneer.

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