How To Get The Body You Desire

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2022

Ask your body what it wants to look like.  Honestly!  We are not kidding.  Your body has its own consciousness.  You need to work together with your body, as a collaborative effort towards a common desired outcome.


What does your body desire to look like? 

Every time we look in the mirror, we stack so much judgment upon our bodies about how they look.  Most of which is based upon other people’s ‘standards of perfection’, even though the different attributes of what society considers good looking is completely based in time.  You just have to look at history.  That which was considered beautiful a few centuries ago is that which is condemned as ‘overweight’ or ‘not good enough’ today.  If you look at paintings from the Renaissance period, the figures are full and curvature; because that is what was considered beautiful at that time.  So, it is all relative.

The best guide to work towards regarding how your body looks, is to ask your body.  It may sound funny but do you know when you are cold or when you ate something that was not really what your body liked? our bodies are giving us information on a regular basis.  Instead of being reactive in listening to your body, try asking it questions and then be open to how you receive the information it is sharing with you.  It may come in a form of an idea, a sensation in your body, you might be watching TV or shopping for groceries, and you get that prod, or that inner knowing, of, “That!  That’s what I want to look like.”  When you are working towards a commonly desired goal, your chances of success are much greater.

Move Your Body

Bodies love to move.  That does not mean it has to be working out at the gym but can be if that is what you and body enjoy.  It can be as simple as walking around the office or in the neighborhood.  As you are getting started, allocate at the least 20-30 minutes for some kind of movement for you throughout the day.

With our busy lives we tend to sit in a chair working on our computers for very long hours.  Take a  quick break every 30 – 60 minutes, drink water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated.  Be mindful of your eyes too.  Take breaks from your computer screen to loo at a distance or even to look at what is on the floor.

Ask Your Body Questions

When you get the sensation of hunger, ask ‘Body, are you hungry, thirsty, or something else’? Most hunger can actually be the dehydration of your cells requiring something.  Sometimes it is just your body communicating with you about you or someone else’s body.  If you have kids, how much did you know when your kids were hungry before they even said anything?

Two favorite questions of our are ‘What else is possible we have not even considered? and How does it get any better than this?’ Try these questions with everything with your health, body, finances, relationships, and anything else you would like to improve or make better.  There is something that magically changes with the energy of whatever is going on when asking these questions.

Say One Positive Thing About Your Body Every Day

Most people look in the mirror and immediately find the one thing that is not perfect and start to judge their body.  Unfortunately, mirrors are only a reflection of the judgements that people see in your bodies. Explore saying something you are actually grateful for today about your body.  When you have gratitude for your body, you give your body the ability to keep changing.  The judgments are what lock things into our bodies and stop the natural changes that can be created by our bodies.


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