Daily Habits For A Healthy Body

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2022

There are a lot of prescriptions around that tell you what you should and shouldn’t do for a healthy body.  This is not one of those.  The body is a sensory object; it feels things and gives you information about your environment.  It also has consciousness; so, it knows what is good for it and what it desires.  If you include your body in every choice that effects it, it will respond with health and wellness and will feel good.  This is the basis for my daily habits with my body, which I would love to share with you.

Be grateful for waking up.  Every day, before I get out of bed, I thank my body for waking up again.  I am grateful that we get to share our experience here on planet Earth together.  Acknowledging that your body is cooperating with you and desires for you to keep going, rather than being the source of your pain puts you in a space to look after it like you would a best friend.

Stop judging your body.  Most people start judging their body straight away – when they feel stiff getting out of bed, or when they look at themselves in the mirror first thing, etc.  Judging your body is just like giving it an instruction to be more of that.  If you say “Oh, I’m so fat!” or old or ugly or too skinny or whatever it is for you, guess what?  Your body is going to oblige.  So, catch yourself doing it and just stop.  And, every night before you go to sleep, destroy and uncreate all the judgments you had of your body and all the projections from others that were delivered at your body, so you can start with a clean slate the next day.  Because it is our judgments that are killing our body.

Ask your body what it would like to wear, eat and do.  A lot of people just reach for that first cup of coffee or pour themselves some cereal, etc., without ever really being present with the task or giving it any real consideration; it’s like they are on autopilot.  As I said, the body has its own consciousness; it knows what is good for it and what it desires.  So, rather than eating that yogurt you always have for breakfast, ask your body what it would like to eat and even if it would like to eat at all – every time!  This is the best way to stay healthy.  And makes so much more sense than following prescriptions about what you can and can’t eat and how many glasses of water you should have a day.  How could that possibly apply to every single body out there?  And the same goes for exercise.  The body loves to move; that’s a fact.  Yet what type of movement and where and for how long and how often will vary from body to body and from moment to moment.  Similarly, ask your body what it desires to wear each day.  And when you are clothes shopping, what styles it likes and what fabrics it desires, etc.

Asking is easy; just ask the question in your head.  Listening to the response may take practice because we are so out of touch with our bodies in this reality.  It’s a knowing that you become aware of after you ask the question.

Increase your connection with your body.  We have become so disconnected with our bodies that it becomes harder to listen to the information it is giving us.  This is when the body sometimes resorts to ‘shouting’ at you through pain, discomfort or illness.  To side step the need for such shouting, it is beneficial to re-establish that connection with it again.  Throughout the day, remind yourself to acknowledge your body.  Just notice where it is.  Feel your feet on the floor, and if you are sitting, your bottom on the seat and your back on the chair, notice where your head is in space, etc.

Pamper your body often.  Have massages or body processes or facials or whatever works for you and your body, as a special treat – remember to include your body in every choosing process that effects it.  Don’t you want to look after the people who treat you well?  It’s the same with your body; it will desire to look after you.

When you have pain.  Pain is information you have been ignoring.  Ask your body what you haven’t been willing to be aware of. And, oftentimes, pain can be the Earth requiring contribution from you.  Acknowledge the Earth and send energy from your body to it.  Notice if that changed anything in your body.


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