Aging GreatFULLy with Holley Kelley

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2020

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A Valentine’s show for everyone!

Join the power-hour of enlightenment as we welcome guest Laleh Hancock, Founder and CEO of Belapemo, a global professional services company.
In this episode, we will discuss all things relationships, past, present or future! Wherever you are in life, single, dating, married, in search of or feel like you will never date again, or not happy in your current relationship, this show offers great perspectives for everyone! Including ways to form strong, lasting relationships, or even strengthen the one you’re already happy in so it can weather any storm.

We will talk about common marital and relationship pitfalls, an important dialogue with the divorce rates what they are. And we know things sometimes don’t work out, so we will discuss shifting anger when relationships fail, and how to divorce without declaring war on your former partner, but instead, claiming and leading your own life with grace and respect.

Laleh Hancock has been there herself, and she offers great advice for those wanting to bounce back from divorce, disappointment, and really all the many challenges life can bring our way. In the end, we learn that possibilities can be your saving grace, how to reclaim your happiness at the end of a relationship, and the critical tips for creating a thriving, healthy and happy relationship with others, including yourself!

A must-listen show for everyone! To learn more about Laleh Hancock, visit


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