5 Quick and Easy Tips for a Stress-free Day

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2022
  1. Often times, we anticipate stress before it even happens. How much does that add to the way you respond to the situation when it does arise?  It is extremely helpful to go into your day with no expectations, so that you don’t project onto it how it is going to occur, when it actually could have panned out in an infinite number of ways.  So in the morning, maybe before you get out of bed, destroy and uncreate all of the expectations and projections you have for your day.

State, “I let go all the projections and expectations I have of today and [ add whatever it is that is scheduled for the day eg. your meetings, the project you are working on, etc.]”

  1. Eat mindfully. Everyone at the moment says to make sure you have a healthy breakfast to start your day off right, and then to eat healthfully throughout the day with 8 glasses of water and low sugar so you don’t get that afternoon slump, etc., or whatever is fashionable at the time.  Yes, I said fashionable.  Whatever is considered as right or wrong, good or bad, healthy or not healthy, goes in and out like fashion, and have you noticed how none of the so called ‘experts’ can agree?  Whereas, your body knows what it needs at any given time.  And this won’t always be the same, so there is no right or wrong for it.  For example, if you are doing something that requires a lot of brain activity, it might require some extra sugar!  And, there are times when it doesn’t require any food; even though it might be a set meal time according to this reality.

Ask your body if it requires food or drink, and if you get a ‘yes’ ask it what it desires to ingest.

  1. Regularly reconnect with your body through your breath. This also calms the body which positively affects your mindset, enabling you to better deal with whatever is going on, so that you can make effective choices that work for you and everyone else.

Take a deep breath and draw energy up from the ground into your feet all the way up your legs and body to the top of your head and then, as you breathe out, send the energy all the way back down your body, out your feet and into the ground.  Do this at least 3 times.

  1. Is it yours? Is everyone else around you stressed at the moment?  You can be the pillar holding the space; you don’t have to take it on as yours.

Ask, “Who does it belong to?” and return it to sender.

  1. Does your body desire to move? Bodies are made to move and can get stressed when sitting for long periods.  This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym or a run.  Maybe you could just make sure you are getting up and moving often throughout the day, rather than just sitting at your desk for hours on end.

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