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How To Have More Fun In Your Career  & Make More Money

Do you work for money or for the joy of it?  The funny thing is, money follows joy.  Do you remember ever really worrying about money when you were having fun? So, if you are doing what you love, the money will come anyway!

Most people choose a profession or career based on the potential they thought that decision will bring into their lives and not the real joy of doing it every day.  Others may have enjoyed their job for a period of time, accomplished their goals and no longer have the inspiration or motivation to continue.  Instead of pursuing something that brings them joy, they automatically assume that their interest or hobby cannot offer them the lifestyle they desire.

The irony is studies have shown if people do not enjoy their current job, there is an increased rate of absentee from work due to illness and health issues, the performance and the quality of the work is impacted, and higher rate of challenges with their immediate management.  Bottom line, neither the employee or the employer benefits from it.

The flip side of that is sometimes people think they do not enjoy their job because of what is going on for their peers, clients, or people they interact with.  Sometimes asking certain questions or applying certain tools can turn an unhappy employee to a productive employee with growth opportunities.

Finding a job, creating a career or building a business that you enjoy and thrives is easier than most people realize.  The Monday morning blues of not wanting to go to work no longer has to apply to you.

At Global Wellness For All, our target is to partner with you to provide tools and resources you can use to grow in your current job, identify a new career or business, make more money or anything else you would like to explore.

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