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Create Success & Wellness In Life With Awareness

Have you had a moment in your life where you were frazzled, stressed, or just did not know what to do next? What if your personal life and your work life did not need to be difficult? What if you could use some very quick tools to calm your mind and environment and have the clarity of solutions to move forward?

Here are a few of favorite tools you can apply immediately to any situation:

  • Move away from the situation.
    • If you are with other, excuse yourself for a moment.  Go drink some water, take a walk, or anything that can change the energy of the current environment.  Then ask, ‘if everything was the opposite of what it appears to be, what else would be available here that I have not even considered yet?’
  • Breathing to relax
    • One of the easiest ways to relax and have clarity in any situation is to breath and bring more oxygen into your whole body. Put your feet firm on the ground and breathe in taking the breath all the way up from your feet to your head and back down into your body into the ground.  Repeat three times
  • Neutralize the situation
    • Most people immediately tense up their body in reaction to a situation and immediately go into the defensive.  That is a moment when you are no longer neutral and will eliminate the creative ideas and solutions.  Instead say ‘interesting point of view’ about 5-10 times.  The more you say it the more the reactive energy will subside giving you more clarity on the infinite options that may be available.

Try these and let us know how it works for you and your situations.

At Global Wellness For All,  we have quick and easy tools to assist you with strategies to not only remain mindful in any situation but how to create success and wellness with it.

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