30 Day Business Pulls

with Joy of Business Facilitators

Do you have a Business or would you like to create one?

What would you like to create with your business and with the business of your life?

What if one of the ways to engage and be present with your business is energy pulls?

We invite you to this new 30 day adventure to explore the tools of Joy of Business with the JCFs.

We Kickoff on November 17th

What can we create with the adventures of living we have never considered before?



Kickoff November 17th

Time: 3pm Houston/ 18th at 7am Brisbane

Your time in the world HERE


 Dates: November 17th - December 16th


Please note, the energy pulls will take place each day in the telegram and will be at different times during the day.  Once you have registered please refer to the telegram group for actual times.  Replays can be found in the telegram and also in your Kajabi library after each pull.