Access Business & Money

with Laleh Hancock

Only through consistent willingness to change can you create

a dynamic business. Change is the only agenda you need to have

Gary Douglas

Welcome to Access Business & Money - a class all about you and what you can create with your business and your finances.

What is it you would like to create? Change?

In this 1 Day class facilitated in two- 3 hr classes, you will start to discover the uniqueness of you and what is truly possible in your business and your finances.

This class is for everyone including corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals working as staff or consultants.

This class offers a manual with pragmatic tools to shift, change to. create a business that works for you.

Additionally, the audio and video of the class are available for download or viewing in your account to allow the changes to continue way after the class finishes.

What are the infinite possibilities with business and money you have not yet considered? Is now the time to explore?



Date: April 26 - 27th

Time: 12:00 – 15:00 EST

Your time in the world HERE

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