$2,000.00 USD

What's Going On Session

  • What is possible with the abundant universe that we have not yet considered?
  • These private sessions were created to provide you the space to explore and play with what you desire to change/create with the energies, molecules and infinite possibilities with the universe.
  • To register for this session, please note there is a pre-requisite of What’s Going On Session and Creative Session. 
  • What contribution can the Private Session with Laleh  be to the life, business, or anything else you desire to create? 
  • If online, you will receive an audio and video of the session to listen as often as you like and to exponentialize the changes with you and the business.
  • Please note: In person sessions are available (different schedule availability is required and additional costs apply.  Click to Contact Us to learn more about the in-person options available.


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