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El Lugar Resort is an Eco Resort & National Park in the heart of the rainforest in Costa Rica.

The beautiful and only bridge connecting the Eco Resort to the Natural Park recently collapsed during a maintenance of the bridge.

Unfortunately the company doing the work does not have any insurance that would cover this kind of damage.

A request was make for contributions!

The Access Consciousness ® Maestros came together to create a special 30 day adventure to raise funds for the new bridge!


Find out more about El Lugar click HERE

Included in the 30 days:

Energy Pulls

Symphony Group Tasters

Tools for Change



Kick off: June 6 at 7pm CET

Duration: 30 min

Your time in the world HERE 


We request a minimum donation of $26.

 You can gift any amount you choose above that.


Would you like to donate more than once?

You are welcome to donate any amount above $26 as often as you like!

In addition, the top 30 donations will also receive a special gift of a 30 minute

1-on-1 session with a Maestro.

Come play!



More than $26